Society Today

Simple nine-letter word
That all of us lose
At one point or another.
Childhood is full of
Until the eyes of the young
Can no longer be covered
The real world comes out to play
And the young are no longer
The young no longer have the shield
The hope of security
Has long since been lost
And all sense of normalcy
Is shattered
The innocent are no longer
The truth and reality of the world
Has prevailed and outshone.
The young are no longer
The innocent are no longer
And that’s what’s wrong
With society today.

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The souls of the just are in the hand of God and no torment shall touch them. They seemed, in the view of the foolish, to be dead; and their passing away was thought an affliction and their going forth from us, utter destruction. But they are in peace.
For if in the eyes of men, indeed they be punished, yet is their hope full of immortality; Chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed, because God tried them, and found them worthy of Himself. As gold in the furnace, He proved them, and as sacrificial offerings He took them to Himself. Those who trust in Him shall understand truth, and the faithful shall abide with Him in love; because grace and mercy are with His holy ones, and his care is with His elect.

Wisdom 3:1-6, 9

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My advisor told me yesterday that I'm completely done with my General Education requirements for my major.

As of Fall 2010, I'll be on my way to fulfilling the other requirements. :)

New goal

I have a new goal. From now, until the start of fall semester, I am going to be teaching myself sign language. I'm already proficient in it, but I want to be more competent in my abilities to sign.

So, once a day, for 26 days, I'm going to learn the different signs.

Then, I'll go back and review them and start conversational sign language.

I'm hoping to be fluent before I graduate.

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To a father:
How patient you have been,
With this ole' son of yours,
Responsible and caring,
And courageous, that's for sure.

A role model who has taught me
To grow and be the best, that I can be

Though I may wander, and though I may roam,
My spirit will never travel too far from my home.
Though I may walk near and afar,
It's this place I'll think of
Since nothing else is up to par

The memories we have shared,
both the good times and the bad,
Were ways you showed me that you cared,
and were some of the best times we have had.

You may be my parent,
and that will always stand,
but you are also my friend,
The first, and one of the best, I have ever had

And so you have inspired me,
To be the man I am today,
In many of my aspects,
In every shape and way.

I admire what you've taught me.
Setting forth an example,
Selfless and so brave,
For all the others you have helped.
And all the lives you have saved.

Ever since I was young,
I would see you
Diligently don,
That symbol of peace,
The mark of a hero,
The uniform,
The emblem of courage.

You chose this path,
Over one with a suit and tie.
When I saw what you did for others,
The sacrificial lamb,
I admire the teacher,
The very first one.

The rock and foundation,
Is the life that we live.
The love that we share,
Grows deeper by the day.

The symbol of peace,
So intelligent and wise,
It's almost funny,

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A meme where I get a letter and need to list 10 things starting with that letter - I was given D by keepcalmandcurl 

If you want to play along, just comment saying so, & I'll give you a letter too

Ten Things Starting with D
→ Divine
→ dreams
→ ducks
→ Doctor Who
→ Donna Noble
→ dogs
→ drama
→ dares
→ diploma
→ daisies 

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Case Competition for Blue Chip is DONE!!!!!!!

Oh, if y'all are wondering what the hell Blue Chip is, I'll explain later...

or, you can check out this nifty site, and it will tell you in depth...sort of, what it is

I'm off to class :D